Rochelle McConnachie is a talented, self-taught artist, specialising in acrylics and watercolours.

Citing the works of Edward Wesson and Edward Seago as early influences, her own paintings of trees and landscapes have secured her place with art lovers around the world.

Based in Scotland’s Highland Perthshire, the stunning countryside of the Upper Tay Valley and her love of trees – in particular the Silver Birch – provide a constant source of inspiration.

A co-founder of the original 2009 Aberfeldy Amateur Artists Fair, Rochelle is a regular exhibitor with the Artisanand Gallery, Perthshire Open Studios and has exhibited at the popular Fortingall’s Summer Exhibition since 2014.

The Art Of Rochelle McConnachie

Rochelle has sold original works to private clients around the world. Her artwork can be seen in Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and Los Angeles, USA.





“The local scenery where I live in Scotland is stunning. Perthshire is known as the Big Tree Country.”

“Rochelle’s silver birch paintings have a haunting, ethereal quality that feels very magical. The negative space around the trees themselves really serves to capture the peaceful, silent feeling that comes with freshly fallen snow and whilst her palette is muted, the works hold a very powerful calming energy” – CM


“There is a Nordic charm or glacial coolness in Rochelle’s work that really speaks to me” – DH

“My favourite tools are my palette knives and one or two fine paint brushes, for no other reason than I like the way they feel in my hand and the brush strokes they create.”

Commissions Upon Request

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