About Rochelle

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Rochelle McConnachie is a talented, self-taught artist, specialising in acrylics and watercolours.

Citing the works of Edward Wesson and Edward Seago as early influences, her own paintings of trees and landscapes have secured her place with art lovers around the world, with sales in the UK, Europe, USA, the Middle East and as far away as New Zealand.

Based in Scotland’s Highland Perthshire, the stunning local countryside of the Upper Tay Valley provides a constant source of inspiration. Her love of trees, in particular the Silver Birch, has provided yet more material for her art. Her series of works entitled ‘Winter Trees’ has proven to be emotionally and commercially successful in recent years.

A co-founder of the original 2009 Aberfeldy Amateur Artists Fair, Rochelle remains a regular exhibitor with the contemporary Artisanand Gallery, Perthshire Open Studios and has also exhibited at the ever popular Fortingall’s Summer Exhibition since 2014.

Rochelle’s work is available to buy and she is able to accept special commission requests.



Inspiration from my beautiful home country


Inspiration from one of my favourite destinations


Inspiration from my garden in Aberfeldy

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